11th January 2020 will be marked as one of the most memorable days in the history of AMSB Indian school, Kuwait for one of the most successful events of the year. MECHATRONICS the 3rd science fair conducted for the students of Middle and Secondary section acquired its hard earned awe and admiration from each and every invitee of the day. Based on the GESS workshop on the topic "High performance learning: How to become a world class school" we applied a few points covered in the foresaid workshop in our science fair. • We emphasised on high performance learning philosophy where every learner is seen as a potential high performer and the high performance learning framework which enables schools to systematically enhance cognitive functioning and build better brains. • The children were given a challenging topic based on the basic concepts covered in school where they were asked to make working models and use their creativity to its optimum. • The last point mentioned in the workshop was that students don't need to be test passers to be high achievers. This was clearly seen in the confidence through which the students shared the knowledge the gained through the project. Each and every child was able to talk about their project. The students took an initiative and showed their aptitude in the form of 61 working science related projects. The students of class V to IX participated and anticipated in engendering their innovative perspective regarding the science in their surroundings.

  • Centre:MSB Kuwait
  • Date:04 Feb,2020

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